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You are a successful professional and entrepreneur looking to reduce your stress, create relaxation, and improve your personal health and capability…

How many successful professionals do you know who are accomplished in one aspect of their lives, but do not experience that same fulfillment and success in other aspects.  Maybe they perform superbly at the job and in their careers, but health-wise they struggle to find that same level of performance and vitality.  Perhaps they are avid athletes, but confused_guythey just don’t know how to break their own stress responses and manage their personal health.  Maybe they can crank out brilliant software code, but when it comes to personal health, relationships, and habits they really struggle to find that next level of vitality and capability for themselves despite the vast amounts of information available on the vast terrain of the internet.  

I teach people how to break stress in their lives, how to create well-being and relaxation at will, and what to do to increase your personal vitality and capability.  

I come from the trenches of the start-up and corporate world

Rishi_Headshotwith two decades of experience of what it means to be an entrepreneur or a successful professional in business.  I offer programs of transformation that all focus on the outcome of eliminating stress and increasing health and performance.  As a twenty year veteran of the business world and an educator and instructor in the world of yoga, alternative medicine, meditation, and herbalism, I have the unique perspective of understanding these two worlds in a cohesive and effective way.


So the question is do you want to learn how to:

  • Reduce and eliminate stress?
  • Relax and maintain center in any situation?
  • create habits of mindfulness around eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercises to improve your personal performance and health?
  • transform anxiety, depression, and inflammation into joy, freedom, and mobility?
Here is how you get started:
  1. Take my Simple Stress Quiz to see what general stress profile into which you fit.  This will be define your stress type, air-panic stressor, fire-blame stressor, or water-withdrawl stressor.  This helps me also to figure out whether your challenges center around a sensitive nervous system, inflammation, or accumulation/weight and how you approach job, career, and work.  This will give me your stress type.
  2. Contact me.  All of my services start with a conversation, no strings attached so you can schedule a free 15-minute stress breaker session right here at
  3. You may already be familiar with my offerings.  If so then go to the Stress Breakers Transformtion Course and sign up.